primax star for all.

All levels, all styles, all wireless
– with new essentials.

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The Connected Ear.

Connectivity beyond streaming.

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The new
Carat primax

Power meets versatility.

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Introducing Signia TeleCare.

Your personal connection to success.

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Cellion primax.

Revolutionary battery-free hearing.
Cellion primax is the world’s first
hearing aid with lithium-ion
inductive charging.

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Effortless hearing
that’s clinically proven.*

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primax SpeechMaster

Mastering every speech situation.

With primax SpeechMaster, speech is highlighted whenever it occurs. This means that your customers can enjoy easy hearing throughout the day – be it in relatively quiet situations such as at the breakfast table or in very difficult environments such as a railway station.

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Pure primax

Ideal for discerning wearers, the new Pure™ primax combines elegant sophistication with the power of primax technology in a RIC hearing aid.


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