This overview shows you which accessories work with our hearing aids. Depending on the solution your customers choose, they can even enhance their hearing experience and convenience with this well-matching portfolio.

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Styletto A
Pure 10 Nx
Pure 312 Nx B
Pure 13 Nx B
Pure Charge&Go Nx C B
Motion 13 Nx B
Motion 13P Nx B
Motion Charge&Go Nx C B
Silk Nx D
Insio Nx E E F
Ace primax
Pure primax G,I G,H
Cellion primax C H,J
Carat primax I H
Motion SP primax G,H
Motion P primax G,H
Motion SX primax G,I G,H
Motion SA primax G,H
Motion S primax
Silk primax G,H
Insio primax G,H
Intuis 3

A) Compatible with Styletto charging case.
B) Compatible with CROS Pure 312 Nx.
C) Compatible with the Cellion / Pure Charge&Go / Motion Charge&Go charger.
D) Compatible with CROS Silk Nx.
E) Compatible with Insio Nx ITC/ITE.
F) Insio Nx IIC and CIC are compatible with CROS Silk Nx. Insio Nx ITC and ITE are compatible with CROS Pure 312 Nx.
G) Not available with 2px/1px.
H) Compatible with CROS Pure.
I) Compatible with eCharger.
J) Not available with 2px.