Fully flexible and nearly invisible

Signia custom hearing aids now feature exchangeable battery doors with optional push button.

Discerning hearing aid wearers look for the ultimate in discretion, performance and convenience. That’s why our latest faceplate innovations add real value, delivering unprecedented flexibility for our smaller-than-ever CIC hearing aids:

Insio primax hearing aids from Signia now feature exchangeable battery doors with optional push button!

Now you can provide a custom hearing aid with binaural OneMic directionality for better comprehension in difficult listening situations with a battery door that can be changed easily to suit your customers’ needs at each step of their hearing journey.

Only Insio primax hearing aids can use the battery door itself as a push button, resulting in an aesthetically more pleasing design. For your customers/patients, changing programs, volume and more with the integrated push button is even easier than with conventional push buttons thanks to its easy-to-handle design.

The best of both worlds

The great news is that we have achieved this improved flexibility while maintaining the refined miniaturization that makes Insio primax hearing aids from Signia sit deeper in the ear than ever before. So the days of having to choose between the smallest size hearing aid without user control and a larger size with control belong to the past.

You will also find it easier to fit the hearing aids because you no longer have to solve the problem of where to place a push button depending on each individual ear canal. And when your customer changes his or her mind about having the battery door double-up as a push button or not, they no longer face annoying wait times or costly rebuilds.

Look out for more innovation news about our Insio primax hearing aids coming soon.