New Insio Nx in-the-ear hearing aids offer the most natural hearing experience with Bluetooth connectivity

Our new Insio Nx ITC and ITE devices combine discretion with direct streaming of TV audio, music and phone calls.


Our new Insio Nx ITC and ITE devices combine discretion with direct streaming of TV audio, music and phone calls.

Many hearing aid wearers prefer discreet custom hearing aids, but do not want to sacrifice other valuable features like direct connectivity to mobile devices. So they look for maximum discretion and a full feature set.

To meet this need, Signia introduces the world’s first custom hearing aids to combine the natural hearing experience of the Signia Nx platform with Bluetooth connectivity. Compatible with the StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV accessories, the highly discreet Insio Nx ITC and ITE hearing aids are made to connect to the wearer’s smartphone, TV, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

A sophisticated level of technological miniaturization was required to complement these high-performance custom devices with Bluetooth connectivity. The tiny antennas developed for this purpose and integrated in the faceplates not only solve this challenge, they also provide best-in-class stereo sound quality when streaming.

Highest quality streaming from all Bluetooth devices

The StreamLine TV accessory provides effortless high-quality TV audio streaming, while StreamLine Mic provides Bluetooth connectivity for all Bluetooth-enabled devices. This means that Insio wearers enjoy the Signia 4-in-1 experience: A pair of hearing aids that deliver the sound that nature intended, a hands-free mobile headset for full convenience on the phone, a pair of wireless stereo headphones with highest streaming quality, and a remote microphone for the best speech understanding in the most challenging environments.

Insio Nx hearing aids are equipped with Signia’s Ultra HD e2eTM binaural link, which enables the left and right hearing aids to exchange audio information continuously, delivering the most natural hearing experience. Wearers enjoy crystal clear sound and unrivalled speech understanding – even in very noisy environments.

Discover Signia Nx’s most discreet natural hearing experience with full connectivity.