Offer Your Clients Real Added Value Through Virtual Home Visits with TeleCare

Signia TeleCare enables Hearing Care Professionals to provide virtual home visits to their clients for real added value. Your clients will be impressed by this modern, flexible service. The chat and call function together with full remote tuning help to solve issues before they jeopardize a successful sale.

Today’s consumers are used to technology enhancing their lives. From email to apps, tech innovations make life simpler and help to solve issues faster. Hearing care is no different. The advanced proven technology of Signia TeleCare connects you with your clients remotely and in real-time to make their experience of trying out new hearing aids much simpler too.

The period that a potential customer spends trying out new hearing aids is fraught with challenges after the initial fitting. The hearing aids are unlikely to deliver sound identical to the sound first experienced in the clinical environment of a shop or clinic. It can take time to get the most out of the highly sophisticated mini-computers we call hearing aids in terms of speech understanding in noise and adjusting to different acoustic surroundings.

This is where TeleCare can prove an indispensable part of the trial, sale, and aftercare process thanks to its easy-to-use interface and integration in the fitting software Connexx. In fact, its usefulness goes well beyond the successful sale to help you build lasting relationships with customers that can generate further sales in the future.

Watch this overview about Signia TeleCare, the proven and flexible tele-audiology solution:

The proven need for more follow-up support

A recent report on hearing loss by researcher Bridget Shield warns that technology alone does not guarantee adult aural rehabilitation: “It is important that users are provided with sufficient information pre-fitting so that they know what to expect from their hearing aids, and with sufficient support post fitting to enable them to manipulate and manage their (hearing) aids to provide maximum benefit.”

TeleCare helps you to help hearing aid wearers understand the benefits of their new devices and how to maintain and operate them effectively. Using the Signia myHearing smartphone app, they can rate their hearing experience daily with the help of realistic listening exercises. They can also provide valuable feedback to you on how satisfied they are with their new hearing aids. A tap on their smartphone saves the information in your TeleCare portal to show you when and where action is required to help the trial run smoothly.

Stand out from the competition with TeleCare

Just like any other modern communication, TeleCare offers chat, phone call and even video call options for you to schedule follow-up appointments without the need for the client to come to you every time before an issue can be resolved. Not only will your clients be impressed by such a modern, flexible service. It also enables you to work more efficiently in addressing smaller issues before they grow into bigger problems that could jeopardize a sale.

Dirk Apel, Signia’s Head of Enhanced Consumer Experience, explains: “By using TeleCare, you can show your clients that you are not only familiar with state-of-the-art hearing aid technology. You also stand out from the competition as an expert in future-oriented services. With TeleCare you can offer people real added value through virtual home visits.”

Virtual home visits with full remote tuning

Like a virtual home visit, remote tuning allows you to address any issues on the spot so that they do not develop into bigger problems. For example, your client is wearing their new Styletto Connect hearing aids in a restaurant and reports difficulties hearing their conversation partner, either via feedback in the myHearing app or via a text message. You can then schedule a virtual appointment for the next time the client is at the same restaurant or in a similar acoustic environment. You call them and they tell you what issues they are experiencing.

If the issue can be resolved by adjusted a setting in the Connexx fitting software, you can perform remote tuning right then and there without the need for your client to come to see you. TeleCare’s integration into Connexx offers you all the possibilities of remote adjustments in your usual working environment. With the simple push of a button, you can transfer all the settings into your client’s Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, saving their dining experience and ensuring satisfaction with their new hearing aids.

Signia TeleCare increases business success by turning patients with hearing loss into satisfied customers. Your clients will be impressed by this modern, flexible service.

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Experience the proven tele-audiology of Signia TeleCare

  • Since its launch in 2016, thousands of HCPs and patients around the world have enjoyed the benefits of TeleCare.
  • TeleCare enables you to predict the success of each individual patient’s trial and provide flexible remote services to suit your timetable.
  • TeleCare reduces your workload via your clients’ myHearing smartphone app with useful self-help information for many issues during the trial phase.
  •  Signia’s high data security allows you to allay any privacy concerns when offering this leading solution to your clients.

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