Connexx Installation Instructions

Installation (stand-alone, Noah 3 and Noah 4)

It is possible to run Connexx in Noah as well as in a stand-alone mode, i.e. without using the Noah environment.

  1. Insert the Connexx installation medium in the DVD drive.
  2. Under ”Start“, select “Run“.
  3. Type in the path for the Connexx installation file on the DVD or CD drive, e. g. D:\setup.exe
  4. At the prompt “Country selection” select the country in which you are working.
  5. At the prompt “Programmer selection” select the programming devices which you want to use for fitting.
  6. At the prompt ”Select Program Folder“‘ you can select the program group under which the Connexx programs will be stored, or you can accept the group name “SAT” > “Fitting Software”, which is selected per default – this is the recommended directory location. Then click ”Next“.
  7. The installation program copies all program files from the storage medium to this location on the hard disk. This may take several minutes.
  8. When the Connexx installation is complete and the hearing instrument database is loaded, click ”Finish“.
  9. Close all programs and exit Windows. Reboot the computer.
  10. If Noah 3 or 4 is used: Start Noah.
  11. If Noah 3 or 4 is used: The manufacturer list is now updated

Important Notes

If you want to use Connexx Eight and Connexx 6 in parallel, please make sure that Connexx Eight is installed after Connexx 6. By this it is ensured that both systems use the same client database.

To ensure a successful installation, please note administrator rights are required and other users should not be logged on in parallel.

Any difficulties installing Connexx, please call Audiology at 1-800-663-0620.