In brief

  • Prior to the follow-up appointment:
    • Monitor Progress, Satisfaction, and Messages
    • Make remote tuning adjustments
  • Day of the follow-up appointment:
    • Review Ratings and Feedback
    • Synchronize with Connexx
    • Close and re-launch the myHearing App
  • Ending a patient trial and staying connected

1. Prior to the follow-up appointment

1.1. Monitor Progress, Satisfaction, and Messages

Prior to the follow-up appointment, monitor the following (from the Home screen):

  • Progress: If your patient is not progressing with their Hearing Lessons, send a reminder message via the portal
  • Satisfaction: If you see 1, 2, or 3 ratings, access the Patient Profile and review additional feedback
  • Messages: Respond to your patient’s messages in a timely manner

Assessing the information provided by your patient’s Progress, Satisfaction ratings, and Messages helps you to determine whether or not remote tuning adjustments are necessary and the length of the follow-up appointment is appropriate.  You may be able to schedule less time with a patient who records high satisfaction ratings and has completed their Hearing Lessons.

1.2. Make remote tuning adjustments (if necessary)

TeleCare is taking its next major step by introducing the 4-Band Equalizer for advanced remote adjustments, for all primax hearing instruments.

For added convenience, there are a number of Basic Tuning options that offer the ability to adjust Master Gain, Loudness (for speech and own voice), Sound Quality and managing Feedback.

For more details, please refer to the “How to make remote tuning adjustments in the TeleCare Portal“ Guide.

2. Day of the appointment:

2.1. Review Ratings and Feedback with your patient

TeleCare offers several possibilities to demonstrate hearing success and performance by accessing the following:

  • Overview:
    • Discuss Satisfaction ratings with all patients
    • Discuss Wearing time and Usage details (Pure 13 BT wearers)
  • Ratings: Discuss positive and negative experiences

By discussing the information, above, you can determine whether or not programming changes are necessary.

2.2. Synchronize with Connexx

When you connect and detect a hearing instrument in Connexx that has received remote tuning adjustments from the TeleCare Portal, you can review those changes and choose to permanently apply them to your follow-up fit or discard them.  Upon completion of any additional changes, made in Connexx, transfer your fitting session to the TeleCare Portal by clicking on the cloud transfer icon in the menu bar.

The patient profile in the TeleCare Portal will reflect these changes immediately.

2.3. Close and re-launch the myHearing App

This process recalibrates the myHearing App to work with your latest changes to the hearing aid selection and/or device programming.


  1. Double-press the Home button to view all active Apps
  2. Swipe the myHearing App ‘up’ and ‘off’ the screen
  3. Re-launch the myHearing App


  1. Press and hold the Overview button
  2. Tap on the “X”, for the myHearing App
  3. Re-launch the myHearing App

Encourage your patient to continue using the myHearing App.  If they are still in a ‘trial phase’, they can continue to provide feedback via the Hearing Lessons and Satisfaction ratings.   If your patient has completed the trial phase, proceed to Step 3, below.

3. How TeleCare helps you to win patients

Once your patient has reached the end of their trial period, we recommend “closing” their patient profile in the TeleCare Portal. This allows you to easily monitor those patients that are still in the trial phase.

3.1. How to end a patient trial:

  1. Open the patient profile and click on the settings icon.
  2. Click on “Finish Trial”
  3. Select “Yes” or “No”: Did your patient decide in favor of their hearing aids?

3.2. What your ‘closed’ patient will experience:

  • Your patient will receive a push notification, in the myHearing App, indicating the trial phase has ended
  • The My Hearing Aid screen will be the new main screen in the myHearing App
  • The My Hearing Success screen will no longer be accessible

3.3. Staying connected with your ‘closed’ patient:

  • Send messages via the TeleCare Portal
  • Make remote tuning adjustments (when necessary)
  • Continue to monitor Wearing time and Usage details for Pure 13 BT wearers
  • Send messages “to all” patients for promos and announcements