The own voice issue, an unnatural sound.

As hearing care professionals, we strive to provide hearing aid users with sound quality that replicates what nature intended. Overall audibility and a natural sounding own voice are essential for first fit acceptance. Yet many hearing aid wearers do not like the sound of their own voice.

Every hearing aid wearer experiences a change in the sound of their own voice. Especially first time users and wearers with a mild or moderate hearing loss struggle with this perceived occlusion effect. Any such negative perception heavily affects acceptance and often leads to the rejection of hearing aids.

In an attempt to resolve the own voice issue, hearing care professionals can reduce gain and open the venting, reducing audibility and speech understanding in noise. Whatever they do, the result is a compromise between sound quality and overall audibility.

Until today, this widely acknowledged problem has been considered unresolvable.

In an attempt to resolve the own voice issue, hearing care professionals can reduce gain and open the venting, reducing audibility and speech understanding in noise. Whatever they do, the result is a compromise between sound quality and overall audibility.

Signia Nx with OVP™
for the most natural own voice and highest acceptance.

Signia Nx, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform, provides the first genuine solution to the own voice issue. It delivers unsurpassed first fit acceptance by combining uncompromised audibility with a natural sounding own voice.

The world’s first Own Voice Processing (OVPTM) improves spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 80% of dissatisfied hearing aid wearers.*

The revolutionary natural-sounding own voice provided by Signia Nx is based on its leading Ultra HDe2e binaural link. Its continuous full-bandwidth audio exchange enables dynamic scanning and processing of the wearer’s own voice completely independently from all other sounds, including all other voices.

This allows hearing care professionals to fine-tune the hearing aids for optimal audibility of the entire acoustic environment without having to compromise this audibility to improve the sound quality of the wearer’s own voice.

In this way, Signia Nx with OVP™ benefits all hearing aid wearers. It replicates the natural hearing experience to deliver the highest sound quality and releases the hearing aid’s full potential for best hearing performance in any situation, even in very noisy environments.

The world’s first natural own voice,
based on the leading binaural link.

The revolutionary natural experience of Signia Nx is only possible by processing the sound of the hearing aid wearer’s own voice completely independently from all other voices and sounds.

The Key to OVP™ is our upgraded continuous full-bandwidth binaural link, Ultra HD e2e. It now also powers beam-forming technology to create a precise scanning beam that identifies the individual sound path of the wearer’s voice as it travels to the hearing aids. This level of precision is only possible with the new fully integrated silicon microphone network.

Ultra HDe2e enables instantaneous and continuous dynamic own voice detection and patented dual processing of the own voice and the remaining soundscape.

Signia Nx thereby provides the most natural own voice as well as the best speech understanding in noise.

The revolutionary natural experience of Signia Nx is only possible by processing the sound of the hearing aid wearer’s own voice completely independently from all other voices and sounds.

Continuous binaural link

For the most natural experience, our Ultra HD e2e always-on ear-to-ear (e2e) link now also harnesses binaural beamforming technology to scan precisely for the wearer’s own voice.

First ever own voice detection

The highly precise new microphone network identifies the wearer’s own voice reliably due to its unique spatial sound path. The continuous binaural link ensures dynamic detection in all situations.

Revolutionary dual processing

Signia Nx is the first platform to process the own voice instantly and completely independently from all other voices and sounds, combining a natural sounding own voice with uncompromised audibility for a natural overall experience.

The most advanced soundscape processing in the industry,
superior speech understanding in noise.

Beyond the wearer’s experience of a natural own voice, Ultra HD e2e also powers binaural beam-forming technology to provide clear speech understanding and a natural experience in all situations, even the loudest.

New algorithms enable the most precise spatial awareness. Hearing aid wearers can now get an uncompromised spatially open experience with all the benefits of our directionality.

For crystal clear sound, our extended dynamic range with an incredible 113dB maximum input delivers excellent signal quality in loud environments. And the powerful new feedback canceller provides the highest stable gain to protect signal quality – artifact-free.

The whole system is steered by Signia’s unique classifier which ensures OVP™ and soundscape processing work in perfect harmony to replicate the experience of natural hearing.

Unrivaled spatial awareness

A breakthrough in sound quality, our new HD Spatial algorithms replicate the natural way we localize sound. This applies to all environments, even very noisy ones in which users enjoy “better than normal hearing”.**

Clear sound without distortion

Our extended dynamic range is now available universally across all programs. In loud situations, the full range of analog soundwaves are smoothly converted into digital signals for a natural experience.

Advanced feedback cancellation

Highest feedback stability provides outstanding flexibility when fitting the hearing aids. With no artifacts, the feedback canceller maintains optimal signal quality for a comfortable, natural experience.

Unique classification

Wearers’ needs change depending on their environment, whether they are moving or stationary, and whether they are speaking or listening. Signia Nx is the only system that uses acoustic, motion and voice detection to automatically orchestrate all hearing aid features to replicate the wearer’s natural hearing behavior.

Superior hearing plus Bluetooth,
a unique combination in the industry.

Today’s hearing aid wearers expect the highest hearing performance and seamless connectivity to help them hear in a modern world.

Only Signia hearing aids combine the most advanced connectivity technologies to deliver a natural-sounding own voice and uncompromised audibility with direct streaming. Signia Nx offers the only wireless system combining Bluetooth and Ultra HD e2e thanks to its high energy efficiency.

Ultra HD e2e enables multiple unique audiological features. It is the continuous full-bandwidth binaural link that delivers the most natural hearing experience and sets Signia Nx apart from other manufacturers’ basic e2e wireless systems. Only Ultra HD e2e allows us to deliver our patented OVP™ and “better than normal hearing”.**

Our 2.4 GHz Bluetooth technology delivers the highest quality audio streaming from smartphones and TV. And our advanced laser edge antenna enables the smallest sized hearing aid with this special combination of wireless technologies.

Ultra HD e2e binaural link

Continuous audio processing and data exchange between the hearing aids enables unrivaled performance with OVP™ and “better than normal hearing”.**

2.4 GHz Bluetooth for best audio streaming

Direct streaming of phone calls and music from iPhone plus audio streaming from all other Bluetooth smartphones and TV via StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV.

The unique Signia TeleLink

acoustic connectivity system allows users to benefit from the myControl App when other wireless systems cannot be used e.g. during airplane mode. It also provides remote control with our discreet miniPocket accessory.

Advanced remote control app

myControl App is the only app offering true 360o microphone steering. The data connection for remote control works directly from iOS and Android smartphones.

Signia TeleCare,
revolutionary remote hearing care.

Hearing care professionals strive to find the best fitting and fine-tuning for their patients. Finding the optimal settings in the controlled environment of a practice is one thing – but how to ensure that patients benefit from the most natural hearing experience in their daily lives?

Signia TeleCare keeps hearing aid trials on track and drives the conversion of patients with hearing loss to satisfied customers.

The new TeleCare 3.0 introduces full live remote tuning so professionals can fine-tune patients’ hearing aids in the real-life situations for which they are intended. They thus benefit from instant feedback to improve the fitting on the spot, much like a virtual home visit.

In combination with its unique guided assistance and communication via CareChat, TeleCare 3.0 saves time for hearing care professionals and their patients and raises the quality of care.

Remote fitting in natural situations

TeleCare 3.0 enables use of the most powerful fitting software, Connexx, fully remotely from a PC or laptop. Offering full live remote tuning and video call, Connexx is synchronized with the TeleCare portal for support in patients’ natural surroundings.

Introducing the virtual home visit

After the personal first fitting at the practice, follow-up appointments can be held online via video call. This allows professionals to adjust the hearing aids for the most natural individual sound quality in real time and at the patient’s convenience to keep the trial on track.

The smartest patient care app

The virtual home visit is available for all patients with an iOS or Android device via the myHearing App. In addition to guiding them through the trial process, the award-winning app*** now serves as the hearing care professional in their pocket, with them every step of the way.

* 2017 “OVP Study” conducted at University of Northern Colorado examining the effect of own voice processing on spontaneous acceptance after first fit of hearing aids. Further details: www.signia-pro.com/ovp-study

**Two clinical studies have shown that binax provides better than normal hearing in certain demanding environments (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss using Carat binax or Pure binax hearing aids with narrow directionality, compared to people with normal hearing.

***CES Innovation Awards 2017 Honoree